A Helping Hand to our Communities

The Prince Hall Shrine Foundation, Inc. (PHSF, Inc.) is a tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3), foundation established in 2009. The PHSF, Inc. was established as the Philanthropic Arm of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, Inc. (AEAONMS, Inc.), to assist those in under served communities by being “A Helping Hand to Our Communities”. Our mission is to raise funds to financially support the Prince Hall Shriners National Programs, i.e. National Diabetes Initiative – Through Awareness & Education, Mentoring – Shriners as Mentors (SAM), Student Aid (Scholarships, Backpack & School Supplies Giveaway), Serving the Youth – (Neck Tie/Bow-tie & Etiquette Workshop), Voter Registration Activities.

PHSF, Inc. Book-Bag Program

The PHSF Student Aid Program partners with the AEAONMS, Inc. to provide 500 or more pre-filled Book Bags with school supplies yearly during the AEAONMS, Inc. Annual Conference. To Donate or for more information scan the QR Code.

PHSF, Inc. National Diabetes Initiative (NDI) Program

PHSF, Inc. is collaborating with the Prince Hall Shriners (AEAONMS, Inc.) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The Prince Hall Shriners (AEAONMS, Inc.) have committed to raise $1 million over the next 10 years for the purpose of raising funds for minority research for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In return, the ADA will supply the Prince Hall Shriners (AEAONMS, Inc.) with ample educational, logistical support to their sub-organizations (Temples and Courts) and their surrounding communities who are impacted by diabetes.

PHSF, Inc. Mentoring Program

PHSF, Inc. Mentoring Program provides at-risk and high-risk African-American male youths a forum to improve educational deficiencies. PHSF, Inc. will award grants at the local, county, and state level for entities interested in providing mentoring and tutoring in critical academic disciplines to “at-risk” and “high-risk” African-American male youth. Local volunteer tutors, teachers, counselors, college students are encouraged to assist with this initiative.

PHSF, Inc. Student Aid (Scholarships) Program

PHSF, Inc. Student Aid Program seeks to assist students who have achieved academic success in high school. PHSF, Inc. will award grants to deserving students at the local, county, and state level for books, transportation, and tuition (scholarships) who will be attending accredited colleges/universities or specialized trade schools.

PHSF, Inc. Fiscal Sponsorship Program

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